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The estimated, annual prevalence of problem gambling among Adults, Age 18 and older in New York is 4.9% or 668,000 residents. (2006 NYS OASAS Household Survey.) Estimated annual prevalence of problem gambling amount of students in grades 7-12 in New York State is 10.1% or 141,055 students. Estimated annual prevalence for at risk youth for gambling is 10.0% or 139,137 students. (2006) NYS OASAS School Survey.)
Problem gambling affects the family as a whole, as well as each and every member. It disrupts family life through its negative financial consequences, the deterioration of basic trust between the gambler and other family members, and the loss of the problem gambler's ability to carry out his or her normal family roles and responsibilities. These developments in turn produce social, emotional, and even physical changes in the family's well-being. In adjusting to the impact of gambling addiction, family members may become increasingly isolated from each other and from their community. Family members often need help to recover from the impact of the problem gambler's behaviors as well as support in building a family environment that supports recovery for all family members.

For every person with a gambling problem, an average of 10 people are adversely affected by the gambler's behavior.
  • Do you hide the rent or food money because your loved one gambles it away?
  • Is your loved one away from home or unavailable for long periods of time due to gambling?
  • Does your loved one sincerely promise to stop gambling, begging for another chance, then continues to gamble?
  • Have you noticed a personality change in your loved one as the gambling continues?
  • State-run lottery games including scratch-off tickets, daily numbers, Lotto, Quick Draw.
  • Racetrack and off-track betting e.g., horse and dog racing.
  • Games of skill/sports: football, baseball, basketball, pool, golf, etc.
  • Cards, dice, slot machines.
  • Internet gambling.

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